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Five Interior Trends For 2022

Five Interior Trends For 2022 - Little Deer

Five Interior Trends Designs Decor For 2022

Five Interior Trends For 2022

Looking to find out what’s in and what’s on its way out in the world of interior design trends for 2022?
From earthy nature-inspired colour schemes to sustainable and mindful living spaces, we’re sharing our favourite top five interior trends for 2022, plus all the tips and ideas you need to get the look.

Japandi Decor Ideas

1. Japandi
What do you get when you cross the principles of Japanese interior design with the functional influences of Scandinavian innovation? Japandi, of course! A fusion of minimalism, neutral tones and natural materials, Japandi is growing into one of the biggest design trends for 2022. 

Bring a little Japandi style into your home with our NATURAL BAMBOO CHAIR WITH MONOCHROME SEAT PAD or add subtle homeware accents such as our CHESTNUT GLASS VASE

2. Sustainable & Multi-Purpose Furniture
Sustainability has become a major issue for us all. Rethinking the way we live and how we can be more eco-conscious with our purchase decisions is not only good for the planet, it’s also easier on the purse strings too. Creating and curating beautiful home decor and furniture is the very heart of the Little Deer ethos, and our range of handcrafted sustainable furniture is often designed with multiple functions in mind. Not only will our pieces look amazingly beautiful in your home, but they will also stand the test of time and adapt to change with your living needs. For some eco-living inspiration, check out our handmade CLOTHING RAILS and SHELVES & STORAGE UNITS

Wall Decor Ideas
3. Wall Decor

Bringing to life a room with bold, 3D wall decor that pops off your living room walls is going to be bang-on-trend this year, and luckily we have plenty of wall decor ideas to choose from. Create the look with one of our RATTAN MOON wall hangings or our NATURAL SEAGRASS & JUTE FAN or, get adventurous with texture and create a real statement by hanging our TUFTED COTTON MONOCHROME RUG to the wall. With endless opportunities to be playful, this fun interior design trend will bring out the personality in your home.

Five Interior Trends 

4. Mindful Spaces
We’ve all spent more time in our homes over the last couple of years which has left many of us with a deeper awareness of our living spaces and how they impact our emotions and well being. Creating a space that reflects your personality and balances mood is easier than you think. Buying a mood-boosting house plant such Aloe Vera, will not only stimulate your wellbeing, you can also use the gel to soothe acne, burns and dry skin – a plant with true multipurpose! If you’ve only got a small space, pop a few small plants onto a window in one of our CYLINDER CONCRETE POTS or for a larger plant, hide the tub in one of our NATURAL SEAGRASS BASKETS.

5. Earthy, Nature-Inspired Colour Schemes
From Terracotta, Caramel and Burnt Umber to Muted Greens and Pale Ochre, rich earthy hues is one of the on-trend colour palettes for 2022. Accessorise your interior decor with earthy accents – Shop for the look in our HOMEWARE and FURNITURE collections.

Whichever interior design trend you’re drawn to in 2022. You can find the right home decor and finishing touches with our beautifully crafted and curated collections.



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