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How to Style the Top Wedding Trends of 2021

How to Style the Top Wedding Trends of 2021 - Little Deer

Whether you’re newly engaged or one step away from tying the knot, we’ve picked three of the biggest wedding trends of 2021 and added in our top tips on how to style your day for an unforgettable experience.

We all know the past year has been so tough on the wedding industry and couples alike, and it’s so wonderful to see wedding restrictions starting to lift and we hope wherever you are in the planning process, you’re able to enjoy the build up to your big day. Speaking from experience as a covid bride, I understand all too well the rollercoaster of emotions many engaged couples have been through over the past year, but we can finally look forward to restriction-free weddings from Monday which is so exciting!

Sustainable Wedding Eco Friendly Tips

Sustainable Weddings

These days it’s hard not to be aware of the environmental impact a wedding can create. With more and more eco-conscious brides seeking sustainable, eco-friendly ways to celebrate their big day in style, green dream weddings are rapidly becoming one of the top wedding trends of 2021.

Shop the look: It’s all in the details when you’re looking to create an eco-friendly wedding. Focus on reusable items such as our Cocktail Glass in Aqua and use dried flower arrangements or potted plants like our Limited Edition Summer Dried Flower Bouquet and Copper Pots for Succulents.

Micro Wedding Style Tips

Micro Weddings

Smaller, more intimate weddings are on the rise with couples who want to focus more on their guests experience rather than where and how much saying I do will cost. Micro-weddings are an opportunity for brides to go deep on the details and be lavish with the decor to create a more personal vibe that you just can’t build at larger events.

Shop the look: Splash out on the little luxuries, make everyone’s day special with our Mini Copper Table Number Holder, and add in the wow factor with statement centrepieces using our Copper Octagon Statement Candle Holder.

Boho Wedding Style Tips

Boho Wedding Style

Earthy colours, rustic decor and a laid-back, carefree vibe, boho wedding style is perfect for lovebirds who want their nuptials to be as authentic as they are.

Shop the look: Draw attention to your special day with natural elements and textures such as our Extra Large Fluffy Natural Dried Wide Pampas Grass and Woven Jute Circular Round Rug. Infuse ambience into your wedding and guest photos by creating an Insta worthy photo backdrop with our Black Iron Wedding Backdrop Frame Arch.

If you can’t decide which wedding trend choose to help personalise your big day, you can find more inspiration with handcrafted and carefully curated selection of decor in our Wedding Collection.

Much of the collection is now available for immediate dispatch, including our super popular Copper Pipe Wedding Frame Backdrop and Table Plan Holder, so if like me you’ve left a couple of the decorative details to the last minute, there’s still time to order those key statement pieces, and with our faster delivery option, you can receive your order as soon as the next day!

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