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Interesting Spaces: River’s Warehouse

Interesting Spaces: River's Warehouse - Little Deer

Our workshop manager River joined the Little Deer team almost a year ago. We thought this year anniversary would be an excellent time to introduce you to Rivers incredibly interesting living space – a warehouse just around the corner from the Little Deer workshop. 

River and her husband Tom (better known as Gibbs!) moved into their workshop about 4 years ago. Back then the space was an empty shell and needed much love. 


River has managed to transform this open plan space but it didn’t happen all at once. She explains: ‘Over the years our house has evolved massively, it was just one big room but now the room is separated into sections. We’ve got a pallet wall, a couple of vintage room dividers and last year I made a big Macrame Hanging which separates the front room to my husbands studio.’ 


Being our workshop manager, River (of course) has a few Little Deer gems dotted around her home. Our Copper Octagon Shelf makes a fantastic addition to her favourite space in the warehouse – the ‘living’ area.

River explains: ‘I chose to put my Copper Octagon Shelf in the front room because the copper sits so well against the Hague Blue wall. Also I really wanted a shelf for plants but also something that was a centre piece in itself so the Copper Octagon Shelf was perfect for that.’


Moving round to the bedroom – River has brightened the space with a huge tapestry above the bed complete with quirky bed-side tables and fairy lights (a must have for any cosy bedroom!)

Showered with light from the huge windows, one of our Bespoke Copper Rails sits above her console table which River has adorned with bags and hanging plants. This is a very clever use of the wall space and proves our rails aren’t limited to only storing clothing. 


The whole space is huge which River describes as one of the main positives to warehouse living: ‘I’m a maker and my husband is a musician so we both get to have studios in our house which is a massive bonus.’

There are some downsides to living in such an open space – River explains how the two have no running water (they use a tap down the hall), it’s absolutely freezing in winter and the storage space is incredibly limited. River describes their living situation as ‘posh camping‘ – which I can image is a whimsical and equally difficult as it sounds! 

If you have an interesting living space we would love to see – please email us 

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