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Copper Interiors – We Make These Ourselves!

The Little Deer began as a collective of independent designers. We sold pieces designed and handmade by other people but last year we finally launched our very own collection of interiors. 

The Copper Clothing Rail was our first design. This launched in the summer of 2015. The inspiration behind this piece was to build something pretty to display clothing on while we traded festivals and fairs. Once completed, we loved this piece so much that we decided to offer it for sale on the website and we have been selling them ever since. 


We soon expanded into Copper Candle Holders and Jewellery Stands. The wonderful value of using copper for these items is it’s wonderful rose gold colour. We polish all the copper before we construct each item and then treat it with a matt polish to ensure it keeps its amazing shine and colour over time.

More recently we have launched a collection of pastel wooden clothes hangers. All painted by us here in our Brighton studio and then treated with a matt lacquer to prevent chipping. These hangers go excellently with our Copper Clothing Rail – a wonderful addition to any studio, bedroom or retail space.

You can shop the full range of our interiors on the web shop now here. We also take bespoke requests – please email  

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